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Thursday, March 31, 2022

What cats dream of

A cat spends up to 16 hours sleeping or napping, although not consistently. But the cat not only sleeps but also dreams. A cat's sleep goes through different phases, just like humans. Deep sleep is followed by REM - the phase in which you dream intensely.
Deep-sleeping cats also move their eyes behind their eyelids, indicating that their brains are active. They dream. And depending on what they dream, they flutter their ears and paws, curl their muzzles and make sounds. In one hour of sleep, the cat dreams for an average of five to seven minutes. The dreaming phase consists of two phases of light sleep, during which the animal wakes up in a flash when it detects or smells a noise. In the phase of deep sleep, the cat should not wake up, because while still captive to dreams, it can cause violent reactions. In their dreams, cats reproduce their emotional experiences. Probably playing, stalking, eating, communicating, but also reliving their unpleasant events and fears.

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