cat traces

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The cats are the most spreaded home pets. There are lots of difirent kinds of cats and every cat is difirent with a difirent colouring, and everyone who wats to havea  cat at home has to choose between his desires and conditions.   But cats have their own, specific, kinds, usual for all the cats in the world. Like cats, tjey are lazy pets, they like to lay around, very curious, active especialy at nightime, and like warm and usually sleep in the warmest place in the house.    The games that cats like are like hunting and they like to play chase, hide and seek, hunting, jumping, fightning and biting the "prey". Home cats don't need to be walked, but if you get a street cat, it can run away, or leave and come back by itself. That makes problems with the hygiene and parasite control. All in all, the cares for a cat arn't much- food, water, litter box, brooming and parasite controling with the advice of a vet. You don't need to bathe the cats, actually, most cats hate water. They keep the hygiene  with licking themselves. according to their breed, the cats can leave more hairs. Some cats are very lazy, others small, troublesome and playfull. The cats are nice fluffy pets and are perfect for people who need someone to love

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  1. watch this video about cats !! it's beautiful!