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Monday, August 8, 2022

What makes cats happy?


When we adopt cats, their happiness depends on us. Owners are responsible for keeping their pets safe. A number of feline health problems can occur due to stress. Therefore, we need to provide the right environment for the pampering pet.


What can we do to improve the quality of life of our domestic cat? .


Places to scratch

If you value your belongings, you know that you have two choices - you can either say goodbye to your favorite sofa or buy a scratching post.

Cats need different scratching surfaces to sharpen their claws, play, spread scent or stretch their backs. Different materials include sisal rope, cardboard or scratch mats. Each of these materials provides a different feel for the pet to caress for, so your cat can exercise its natural instinct to scratch.


Cozy places for a nap


·                                 We all know that cats love a good place to nap. Some cats prefer to have secluded places to nap, while others don't mind being outdoors and even a noisy place in the home. These cats can fall asleep just about anywhere after a long grooming session, whether it's a cozy plush cat bed in the corner or a hammock on the windowsill.


Adventure and exploration

All cats love adventure. When a cat is too bored, it will do mischief just to make up for it. Even if you can't let your cat explore nature, you can still provide plenty of entertainment at home.

Thanks to the ever-growing pet toy market, there are so many great ideas for entertainment such as:

• Mice and balls

• Cat caves

• Wall mounts

• Suspension bridges

• Shelves

• Cat tree

Catnip toys


Delicious, appetizing treats

 Every time your cat behaves well or responds to your command - you should reward it with a treat. These small, tasty treats show your kitty that you love them and are there to pamper them. However - be careful with the quantities, as the treats are very high in calories and before you know it, your pet is already a few kilos more than it should be.

 Quality food and fresh water

Having a source of fresh water and a regular feeding schedule is extremely important when you have a cat. They rely on consistent feeding and deserve to have clean water that prevents the growth of bacteria and potential disease.

If the purring friend eats from unsanitary bowls, it can cause some diseases, which will not make you or your cat happy.



Cats really can entertain themselves for the most part. But that doesn't mean they don't want to play with you every now and then. It is very important to give your purring pet time to play, preferably every day. This is how you become closer to your purring friend.

Variety of toys

If cats have the same old boring toys day after day, they will lose interest and start looking for fun with other objects that are not meant for that. Change the cuddly companion's toys, and if you want, you can even make him balls or toys using corks for your cat to have fun with. Shoe boxes are also much loved by purring animals.

 Love and attention

Some cats are incredibly sweet and never seem to want to give you a moment of peace. Others, however, are more remote and self-contained and don't require as much attention. Regardless of the nature of the purring pet - you need to make sure that you show it attention and affection.

 Clean environment

Failure to keep your cat's litter box, food and water bowls, and resting areas clean can lead to a series of behavioral problems that can be difficult to correct. Cats are happy when their objects and especially their litter box are kept clean.

Keep them good company


Compatibility between pets and people is essential. Your cat wants a calm environment. It doesn't matter if it's the family dog ​​stressing out your cat or a screaming baby. If your cat spends most of its time in stress - it is unlikely to be happy. Some purring animals are very happy when they have a companion, so if your cat is like that - consider a second or maybe a dog to have fun with.

Keeping your cat happy is really not a big challenge - we need to watch what he likes, provide enough entertainment, games with us and take the necessary care.

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