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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fun pictures with cats 
Cats are beautiful and smart creatures. Cat owners love their pets, they watch over them and constantly take pictures, which then they share on the internet.
Cats have the ability to cause contemplation in everyone who loves them.
Doesn't matter what they're doing - Laying around, sleeping, eating, thinking and contemplating their mischievious plans - they are fun.
What kind of fun images of cats can be found on the web?

Pictures of small, fluffy kittens, alone or with their mother

Cats laying or sitting in weird places. For example on the edge of a fence, in a field, in tight spaces, balancing on very scary places. They're often seen balancing and enjoying themselves.

 Фото приколы юмор и смешные картинки. Фото приколы (89 фото)
Cats fitting into empty space. As everyone knows, the cat is responsible for filling an empty space. For example, boxes, bowls, pots, jars, aquariums, drawers, and even hollow pc boxes.

The strangest thing is, if you offer a cat two boxes, it will stand between them. That is the feeling the cats get for balanced occupation of empty space.

Wet cats. As you all know, cats don't enjoy water. They have a special cat bath, with which they keep hygene. That's why it's very funny to see terrified wet cats.

Cats and dogs. Cats really don't like dogs. They tense up in their presence.

Cats stealing food. Owners usually don't allow cats to take food, but it's in their nature to hunt and steal food, of course as big as possible.
Cats and doors. It's in cat's nature to want to be on the other side of the door. The moment the door is clsoed they want on the other side.

Cats and water. Even if owners caringly put clean water for the cats, they have the havigt of searching for water from exact palces they're not supposed to get it from.

Dropping items. Cats really love experimenting with gravity, constantly pushing itsemf off of tables, not carign about if they break or not.. It's part of the experiment.

Unrolling rolls of toilet paper. As well as strings, cables and other such things.

Of course there are many other interesting pictures of fun cats. Besides that, people with imagination and sense of humor make funny pictures, adding to the snapshots clever text. That way "innocent" and oblivious cats think they are doing compeltley diffirent things...

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