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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cat for a pet

From the moment mister Gray came home I changed my opinion on cats.
Because of that, there were other cats at home and I could make comparisons. I was inspecting street cats as well.

This gray beast taught me how to understand the languageo f the animals. Before I thought that I love animals, but it turned out

that i love thhem in general, because I didn't want to get close and have anything in common with them. When it took over our

home and our everyday life, i realized what it's like to live alongside a creature from another species.
Strongly intelligent, with it's own characteristics and prefrences, with dreams, memoreies and hopes.
I observe him and he observes me. I wonder about his strange qualities, he does the same to me.
Every cat is an individual, except all the same things between all cats, every cat has it's own character, level of inteligence,

capabilities etcetera.
The ability of my cat to grow up as an individual amuses me non-stop. Over the years it was a small kitten, lively teen and a

mature adult. He's showing signs of wiseeness.
 Accepts what he thinks he can't change and fights for what he thinks he can.
He already knows which of my tricks to fall for, and knows which tricks I would fall for.
But like every individual he has a weakness, with which he can be pursuaded, no matter all his experience.
It really is strange to live alongside a creature from a diffirent species.

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