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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Washing cat

Как вытереть кошку после купанияWashing is the most important and difficult aspect in the care of a cat. But it is necessary, as it promotes the precipitation of all the dead skin and hair regrowth new hair and lively. Only water treatments can completely remove dust and dirt from the fur cat, improving the condition of her skin and cleans pores.

In the article a closer look at the main recommendations and the necessary steps in this process.

The skin of the animal, as well as humans, have a different skin type, but only in accordance with their breed, color, and texture of the hair length, heredity. Therefore, for each cat must choose an individual and universal way to wash and means for skin and hair. But to understand what is suitable for your cat, you need to experiment.

To start the washing process is necessary as soon as possible. The fact is that since the early days accustomed to this weekly events kitten will calmly and kindly refer to it, when it grows up, so you need to regularly bathe a cat almost from birth, and be sure to thoroughly rinse the cleaners.

The cat should be fully prepared to wash. Be sure to cut off short claws to it in the water procedure could not tear his master greatly. Further, if the worry about how to wash a cat, it should be thoroughly combed with a metal comb to remove dead hair more. If this procedure is not done, then it will be difficult to comb and unravel dead matted hair during drying. It is necessary to remove the comb out tangles and in all places.

Then be sure to clean the ears well with a special oil funds. It can be washed off during washing.

Necessarily have to be very carefully prepared in advance a place where you wash the cat, putting all the necessary cleaning supplies. Otherwise, as long as you move away from the wet cat, for example, shampoo, she can at this moment to jump and run.

Let us dwell now on how to properly wash a cat on the process. First you need to realize is that the soap will have a few times. So first do it in order to launder strong dirt and rinse the most critical places. We are talking about areas such as the abdomen, legs, behind the ears, the area of ​​the sexual glands. You need to use special tools strengths of particular effectiveness. Be sure to thoroughly rinse shampoo.

Then begin to lather all animal, avoiding the scalp. This should be done by a special agent for cats high quality. But when choosing the priority should be no cost and effectiveness of shampoo. To find out, means you will need to try again. All animals are different, so the choice of shampoo should be individualized. Basic criteria: it must be of high quality. If you are interested in the alternative, that will suit the female means for normal hair with any known firm.

Soaping procedure should be performed two or three times, each time completely flushing shampoo. Once is not enough to wash away all the fat from the skin, and, most importantly, with animal fur.

Now proceed to wash the muzzle, using for this purpose a special shampoo for puppies and kittens "Without Tears". In that case it is no need to use means for children.

Now is the time to use a shampoo-color intensifier. In commercially available tools for red, white, variegated and other cats. But it is recommended to use only such facility that only intensify the natural color of the animal, but not artificial colors it. The fact that you can get the final result, which is far from desirable. If the cat stands at exhibitions, it is necessary to consider that the painting is prohibited in accordance with the rules of the exhibition. After using the shampoo-intensifier it necessarily need to wash off.

Should begin to use the air conditioner, as a necessary means to give shine animal fur. But we must bear in mind that in some animals, and so it has a bold, brilliant tone with a silky texture. Therefore, the air conditioner can only spoil everything, you need to experiment.

That's all. Now an animal can be dried and combed.

We must bear in mind that the steps described - this is only a general knowledge of how to wash a cat. For best results may require the repetition of some stages. Suggested tips are not only right. The best adviser - your own experience.

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